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      1. Domestic Market:
        Xia Dongliang +86-13906127738
        Foreign Market:
        John Chiang +86-15961106108


        2-Heptanol(Cloquintocet-mexyl intermediate)

        Categories: Ester
        Product Name: 2-Heptanol(Cloquintocet-mexyl intermediate)

        CAS No.: 543-49-7
        Molecular Formula: C7H16O
        Molecular Weight: 116.20
        Structural Formula: 

        Product Introduction: It is colorless transparent liquid with banana-like fragrance, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Mainly used in the preparation of flavor compositions, or in industrial solvents, fibers, pesticides, pharmacy and perfumes areas. 


        Item Index value
        Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
        Alcohol content ≥ 99.00%
        Density (d2020) g/cm3 0.8175
        B.P. 160°C-162°C
        Flash point 59°C
        Refractive index 1.42 (20%)
        Water content 0.10%max

        Properties: Colorless liquid with banana-like fragrance, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol; b.p.160-162°C, flash point59°C, relative density 0.8175, refractive indexn2D0 1.42-1.422.

        Hazardous characteristic: If it meets fire or high temperature, it may fire or explode. In high pressure vessel, if it meets fire or high temperature, the vessel may be broken or exploded. It can react with oxidant.

        Extinguishing method: Use foam, carbon dioxide, dry power and sand, no water.

        Packing & Storage: In 53 gallons iron drum, net wt. 170Kg/drum; stored in cool, draughty and dry place; avoid fire and solarization; transported as inflammable chemicals.

        Add: 3# Hengluolu, Henglin town, Changzhou, China, 213101
        Domestic Market: Xia Dongliang, Mob: +86-13906127738
        Tel: +86-519-88783621 E-mail: xjq@xialichem.com
        Foreign Market: John Chiang, Mob: +86-15961106108
        Tel: +86-519-88721665 E-mail: john.chiang@xialichem.com